Better days

The weekend is here and I have nine long, luxurious days off work, which, judging by the weather forecast is going to be glorious.

This morning cycle into work was absolutely stunning. There were rabbits eating grass amongst the bluebells. They don’t really care the about cyclists or joggers as long as we don’t get too close. Then they bolt for cover waiting until the coast is clear once more to start nibbling the long green grass.

There were many squirrels as well, some of them had found the hidden delights of the students dustbins and were perched on the side eating their ‘breakfast’. Unfortunately I didn’t catch an image of the squirrel in the bins as they shot off as soon as they saw me but i did manage to get one sat on the fence!

As I cycled to the lake that is on my way, I saw that the Heron that had made an appearance on the pond. He was perched upright on the bank and motionless as if to blend into his surroundings whilst waiting for a fish to dart past.


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