Here’s comes the sun!

The sun was already beaming down when I woke up this morning and by 07:00 I was out on my bike with my macro and telephoto lens. The grass looking so green and beautiful with drops of dew making them glistening like diamonds.

“As dew leaves the cobweb lightly
Threaded with stars,
Scattering jewels on the fence
And the pasture bars;
As dawn leaves the dry grass bright
And the tangled weeds
Bearing a rainbow gem
On each of their seeds...”
Sara Teasdale

I was also hoping to see if the Heron was there and sure enough he was!
He was sat poised on one leg waiting for his breakfast…he shot forward and caught a fish which was gone in seconds.

The swans were also on the pond, a bit of swimming, breakfast then snoozing in the sun.


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