New Cyanotypes Continued

Part 2

What may you ask, is a Cyanotype?

Well put simply they are images developed by the sun. If you want to know more about the process see New Cyanotypes (part 1)

On the left image I have laid out the flowers/leaves on the paper after the chemicals have dried. The middle image is out in the sunshine and the final image is after it has been rinsed and is the final Cyanotype!

More images of my Cyanotypes …

Tuesday Throwback

Throwback to the beginning of 2022 with pictures from 2016-2021. I hope you have enjoyed the videos through the year?In 2023 I will be creating some more videos but I may put them on YouTube because of the amount of storage they take up on here. Have…

The last weekend in August

Wow! How did we get get to September (nearly) so quickly? This year has flown by so fast. Maybe because it has been such a lovely Summer with lots of lovely sunshine and (too) hot weather.This year I have not travelled very much with my camera, hopefully…


I’m back! Sorry for the silence for the past few weeks which have been so busy and hot, that I’ve neglected a journal post! But, I’m here with some time to write one, I’m also in the process of maybe changing domain name as I’ve gone back…

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7 thoughts on “New Cyanotypes Continued

  1. That looks beautiful 👍 I‘m currently experimenting with cyanotype on fabric and plan to do a post soo. It‘s an exciting technique 😊


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