A ‘chain’ of events…

Well this morning was like something out of a comedy show. I was cycling to work when I cam across this hairy fellow laid in the middle of the road so I had to move him before he either got squished or eaten. He put up a really good attempt at fighting me off – he reared up and was trying to ‘attack’ me. This moth is called the drinker because of the caterpillar’s habit of drinking drops of dew from grass stems.

The drinker

Scientific name: Euthrix potatoria

Wildlife Trust 2021

They’re most often found in marshy places, where the caterpillars feed on a variety of grasses and reeds, like cock’s-foot and reed canary-grass. Well that is exactly where I found him, heading to the marshy grasses over the other side of the road! Good job I was there other wise he might have been a squashed Drinker caterpillar!

A ‘chain’ of events continues tomorrow


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