Forest Bathing

What is forest bathing?

This Japanese practice is a process of relaxation; known in Japan as shinrin yoku. The simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply can help adults and children de-stress and boost health and wellbeing in a natural way. It certainly does me the power of good walking through the trees.

Now is a really lovely time to get out there and see the forest in it’s full greenery although I do prefer the forest in Autumn.

Shinrin yoku

Tips for beginners

  • Turn off your devices to give yourself the best chance of relaxing, being mindful and enjoying a sensory forest-based experience.
  • Slow down. Move through the forest slowly so you can see and feel more.
  • Take long breaths deep into the abdomen. Extending the exhalation of air to twice the length of the inhalation sends a message to the body that it can relax.
  • Stop, stand or sit, smell what’s around you, what can you smell?
  • Take in your surroundings using all of your senses.
  • How does the forest environment make you feel? Be observant, look at nature’s small details.
  • Sit quietly using mindful observation; try to avoid thinking about your to-do list or issues related to daily life. You might be surprised by the number of wild forest inhabitants you see using this process.
  • Keep your eyes open. The colours of nature are soothing and studies have shown that people relax best while seeing greens and blues.
  • Stay as long as you can, start with a comfortable time limit and build up.

If you want to find out more about Forest bathing go to the Forestry England’s website where you can find out more information and also download your free ‘Forests for wellbeing’ booklet.

Happy Forest Bathing!



7 thoughts on “Forest Bathing

  1. There is something magical and awe inspiring about being among trees – their size, their many shades of green, the way they filter the light. I can see that the idea of forest bathing makes a lot of sense.

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