June in Pictures

June was a very busy month visiting many places. I think I got back into the swing of taking photography again, without feeling like I had to go out and take images, for the sake of it.

Beningbrough Hall is always a favourite of mine partly because I have a National Trust yearly pass which allows be to visit many places.

The meadows at ‘golden hour’ was really special too. Golden buttercups and wild Lupins bathed in the rays of the setting sun (plus it was also lovely and hot even at sunset.)

As you probably realise I love photographing bees. Where would we be without bees? As far as important species go, they are top of the list. They are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world!

In the middle of the city was the idyllic, St Anthony’s Garden. A quiet haven in the hustle and bustle of the city.

I also visited York where they had made it into a bee friendly city with tubes of flowers and flower displays all around.


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