Big Butterfly Count

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People across the UK are being asked to take part in an annual count of butterflies amid fears they have been affected by poor weather this spring.

I was only thinking the other day that I had not seen many butterflies at all in my garden or on the country lanes when I go cycling.

TV naturalist Chris Packham said participating in the Big Butterfly Count could provide key research on the impact of climate change on wildlife.

Members of the public should spend 15 minutes outside counting the number and type of butterflies they see. The annual count will take place over the next three weeks starting today!

Packham, who is vice-president of Butterfly Conservation, said: “Biodiversity and climate crisis is an urgent issue and it can be overwhelming to think about what we can do as individuals to really make a difference.

…low numbers of speckled wood butterflies, while small tortoiseshells, commas, green-veined whites, large whites and red admirals 

Butterfly Conservation

Because butterflies and moths make excellent indicators of the impacts of climate change and other human environmental factors, collecting data on their numbers is really important.

If you want to get involved or find out more visit these links.

You can also download a fabulous poster to help identify the butterflies and day time moths!

Last year more than 145,000 recordings were submitted to the Big Butterfly Count, but 2020 saw the lowest average number of butterflies logged since it began 12 years ago – Butterfly Conservation

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Throughout the year at the beginning of each month I will created a short video of photographs from that month…

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Tucked away behind a gate is a secret garden in the concrete jungle. A secret getaway to eat your lunch…

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