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The weekend was absolutely glorious! We headed over to Whitby for some cooling sea breeze (and of course fish & chips).

The weather was 10 degrees cooler than inland and it made a refreshing change rather than stifling heat.

The ‘jewel in the crown’ of the North Yorkshire coast, Whitby is consistently voted as one of the UK’s top seaside destinations

Whitby is rich in cultural history, with the River Esk carving its way through the Eskdale Valley to this stunning natural harbour. With towering cliffs riding high on the ancient East Side and dramatic landscapes ushering in the modern West Cliff, the town of Whitby has a great legacy steeped in history, culture and myth.

Whitby's 199 Steps
Whitby’s 199 Steps are one of the most recognisable parts of the town.

The history of Whitby is fascinating and includes ties to Dracula, Whaling, and Captain Cook. This small coastal town is still reminiscent of its past, and still boasts quaint cottages, cobblestoned creeks, the quintessential ruined Abbey, and a harbour complete with fully functional lighthouses.

Not only is Whitby haunted by ghosts and doomed with beasts but it’s also home to quite a few tales of folklore and fables; from the demise of Humpty Dumpty to the mermaids who washed up on Staithes beach. For centuries sailors and fishermen have swapped stories to either scare or entertain their listeners.


Mr Seagull eyeing up my fish & chips!
SJ Butler Photography

4 thoughts on “Whitby

  1. It’s certainly the right weather for a seaside escape! Your excellent photos remind me that I keep saying I would love to visit Whitby but we somehow haven’t yet got around to it.

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