Tuesdays Travels II

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Another not so glorious day. Cloud with intermitting spots of rain. Did I get wet?…No thankfully I didn’t and the sun actually came out for a bit! The National Trust property is called Goddard’s and it overlooks the Racecourse in York.

The house was built in 1927 for Noel and Kathleen Terry of the famed chocolate-manufacturing family Terry’s with the house designed by local architect Walter Brierley and the garden by George Dillistone. The garden is very pretty with a large border of purple lavender which intoxicates you with the unmistakable aroma.

“You’ll smell it before you even see it, that unmistakable aroma that fills your nose and seeps into your senses, instantly mellowing into a smooth and soothing scent.”

Blue Gold – P Smith
Bottom left is a Sarracenias, commonly known as pitcher plants, are carnivorous plants mainly from North America. They bear flowers that grow singly on tall leafless stalks and most have long tubular ‘pitchers’. Inside these pitchers is a well of digestive fluid that breaks down prey, which is then absorbed by the plant – yum yum!

If you’re interested to know where the quote comes from, it’s part of a sleep story from Calm, read by Stephen Fry and written by Phoebe Smith. I have not idea how the story ends as I feel asleep round about the 15 minute mark!

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