World Photography Day

A bit late in the day seen as there is only two hours left but Happy World Photography Day!

Every year, on 19 August, we observe World Photography Day – a globally recognized celebration of the photography and its history.

What actually is World Photography Day, though, and why is does it take place on this particular date? 

Well, the date recognizes the invention of the Daguerrotype, a process that was devised by France’s Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre in 1837. The idea was effectively sold to the French Academy of Sciences, which subsequently gifted the process to the world on 19 August 1839. 

To celebrate WPD here a a few of my faves.

Cats & Photography

A bit of Daisy time-lapse Thought I would show you another time lapse of Daisies…

June Sunset

Sunsets, sunsets and more sunsets! Hope you like these montages of sunsets over the past…

Autumnal Equinox

While the county may be enjoying a patch of warm weather, today marks the end of summer…


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