Cats & Photography

A bit of a lazy day (sort of) on Friday. I set up my tripod & camera and linked it to my phone, so instead of stood behind the camera for hours on end I could just laze on my sun lounger, read a book and keep an eye out for butterflies.

…the only thing I could attract were some bees and my little ‘helpers!’  

I’d seen the Common Blue Butterfly flying around and it had landed on my purple Verbena which looked stunning but as soon as I got the equipment up and ready the only thing I could attract were some bees and my little ‘helpers!’

I’ve a few more images to go through and a video I’d like to share so I’ll put that up later, hopefully before the weekend is over and as usually it’ll be a Part II.

Update on Limpy

Hi, an update on my brother’s cat Limpy. He has had the operation and his eye looks so much better. The operation actually cost over £1,200! Now poor Limpy cat has cystitis (a water infection) which needs more medication.If you can please donate as he is such a sweet, gentle mild cat. ShareDonate Limpy…

Please help Limpy

Hi, I don’t normally do this but I wonder if you could spare any spare change to help this poor cat, such a sad story but hopefully with a happy ending. ShareDonate Limpy the cat needs your help ShareDonate now Hi, my name is David and I’m hoping to raise money towards the cost…

Cat Sun Salutations

Two posts this morning! Thought I would share a picture of Z and J cat sat on their little yoga mats enjoying the morning sunshine. Oh to be a cat!  

Snow Day

Omg we have snow! Watch my short video with Z cat watching the snow!  

Christmas Eve Eve

Ooo! You’re getting two posts from me today! A really damp and grey day again. This time we went out for a lovely walk near the lake. No fancy camera today, just my phone Before heading back to the warmth of the fire

Beastly Virus Update

*UPDATE* Turns out it is Covid – after a PCR test confirmed it. Just recovering now, not got any smell or taste which is a pain but hopefully that will return. Keep warm and safe – Storm Arwen (UK) will be upon us soon! For the past few days I have been wiped out with…

Beastly virus

For the past few days I have been wiped out with the Flu. It’s not Covid as I’ve had 3 negative LFT. I’m longing to have the energy to to get out and to be back at work. I missed out on two fairs/exhibitions that I was looking forward to at the weekend. One thing,…

A touch of frost

Well, a bit of a shock to wake up to frost on Friday. A wake up call to the fact we are starting to go into colder months. All that is gold does not glitter,Not all those who wander are lost;The old that is strong does not wither,Deep roots are not reached by the frost.From…

The best place…

…Is the sunniest spot in the house! The Cat of the House by Ford Madox Ford Over the hearth with my ‘minishing eyes I muse; until after the last coal dies. Every tunnel of the mouse, every channel of the cricket, I have smelt, I have felt the secret shifting of the mouldered rafter, and…

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