Cyanotype Cats

Name, png

For the past three days I have been isolating as I am having an operation today. My right arm. I am right handed. So, I have been busy making some new Cyanotypes which I have made one of them into a new card available soon.

I have only made a few at the moment to see how they go. Take a look you might like them if you (or the card recipient) is a cat lover. Or you may want to frame one to hang on the wall.

Washing and drying the Cyanotypes – Some have come out better than others but that is the
beauty of it – you never know what you are going to come out with!
Name, png

April Cyanotypes

The weather over the weekend was glorious, so instead of visiting the Open Studios I decided to create…

New 2022 Cyanotypes

It was such a lovely sunny day that I created by first Cyanotype of 2022. Using ivy, ferns…


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