Christmas Eve Eve

December days

Ooo! You’re getting two posts from me today!

A really damp and grey day again. This time we went out for a lovely walk near the lake.

No fancy camera today, just my phone

Before heading back to the warmth of the fire

Z cat keeping warm near the fire. (don’t worry the candle is fake)

Nearly April 🌸

Well the clocks have leapt forward an hour (UK) and it is still light at 19:30! Doesn’t it make you feel better when lighter longer days…

Update on Limpy

Hi, an update on my brother’s cat Limpy. He has had the operation and his eye looks so much better. The operation actually cost over £1,200!…

Springtime 🌸

Oh my goodness sorry for not posting for a while! I don’t know where time is going! It’s lovely to see that Snoring is on its…

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