The Weekend Again

The weekend is here again but what a week! We have had Storm Douglas & Storm Eunice within days of each other. Today I thought I would share a post from Summer 2021 to remind us of beautiful sunny days. Luckily, we didn’t get the storm too bad where I live but other parts of the UK have not been so lucky. Stay safe.

Golden hour photography.

The golden hour (also referred to as the magic hour) in photography is widely seen as the best time of day to shoot. For photographers in the UK, it generally lasts around an hour or less.

Overcast and shorter winter days can limit the magic hour. However, golden hour also happens twice a day. So if you miss it in the morning, there’s always the chance of shooting during the golden hour time in the evening. I like the GH in the Winter months when the sun rises about 07:30 – 08:00 which means I don’t have to get up really early like you would have to in Summer (04:00 I think it is at the moment!)

“What will happen ten minutes from now is going to be radically different than what happened ten minutes before.” 

Tina Tryforos

Golden hour in the UK is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. This means it changes depending on the season and even location. There may be a few minutes difference for when the golden hour starts and ends across the UK.

The Golden Hour

Due to the sun’s low angle, its rays filter through a greater distance. This creates a colour temperature at the redder end of the spectrum, with longer shadows which can add an extra dimension to photos. The light is warm and soft, perfect for golden images of landscapes, nature etc. So, what are you waiting for – get out there with your camera!

“It’s hard to overexpose or underexpose parts of an image, like a subject’s face, because the light is very even and has a beautiful golden hue.” 

Jenn Byrne

Sunset over Derwentwater


Tuesday Throwback

Throwback to the beginning of 2022 with pictures from 2016-2021. I hope you have enjoyed the videos through the year?In 2023 I will be creating some more videos but I may put them on YouTube because of the amount of storage…


You probably know that throughout the year at the beginning of each month I have been creating a short video of photographs, from that month 2016-2021. Here’s the last of this year’s videos, I hope that you have enjoyed watching them.…

Dull November

Another busy weekend. Also, I need to get some footage from my new drone camera uploaded when I find out how to compress it to upload it on to here! Hope you like my new edit on a very damp November…

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