Floods 22/2/22

Another breezy but very bright February day, so I decided to visit York and check out the floods (which happen quite regularly when there has been a lot of rain, snow or both). York was open for business, which is the opposite to what a few reports in the paper have been saying!

Thank fully they have amended their article to state: “This article and headline have been amended to make clear that in fact only parts of the city were impacted by temporary floods. The city of York remains fully open.”

“UK flood warning: Entire city SUBMERGED – horror as pubs and cars totally swamped”

Express 22/2/22
Entire city SUBMERGED – horror as pubs & cars totally swamped. 
(Image: PA IMAGES)
Floods 22/2/22
Floods – SJ Butler

Historical records

Flooding in York is not a new thing, back in 1263 when records began the City has been at the mercy of the Rivers.

1263 Flood water rampages down North Street as far as the junction of Bridge Street & Ouse Bridge.

1316 Floods hold York Castle to siege washing away essential earthworks.

1564 An ice jam, caused by huge chunks of thawing ice borne upon flooding waters smashed away parts of Ouse Bridge.

1625 & 1638 Highest floods in York ever recorded.

More recently there was serious flooding in 1947, 1978, 1991, & 1995. However, 2000 saw the worst floods on record for that century. The River Ouse rose to an astonishing 5.5 metres above its normal level.

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8 thoughts on “Floods 22/2/22

  1. I haven’t been to York since I was backpacking in 1989 but no threat of floods when I was there. Glad the flooding was not widespread and York was open for business. Love your photos as usual and thanks for the history of flooding in York. Lynn

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We have had few rumbles and lightening over recent days but no rain where I live in Victoria. But up in Queensland where I have family, they had over 500mls in less than a week! Very scary.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I know York is used to flooding but I still feel for the people affected. However I also know not to trust anything I read in the Express and it doesn’t surprise me that they over-dramatised the situation!

    Liked by 1 person

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