Sunday Memories

Sunday memories this time I’ve chosen the theme of yellow.

Yellow flowers commonly evoke feelings of happiness and cheer, which is exactly what they symbolize. The are associated with the sun and as such are often viewed as uplifting especially when included in floral displays. The message does depend of the type of flower and the circumstances, but as a rule, you can count on yellow flowers to carry a positive message.

Ancient Mayans: The Mayans associated yellow with corn the provider of their sustenance. Yellow flowers symbolized wholesomeness and abundance.

Central and South America: In some Central and South American cultures, yellow flowers are reserved for funerals.

Mexico: In some areas of Mexico, marigold yellow represents death.
France: In France the color yellow symbolizes jealousy.

Victorian England: In Victorian times, the yellow rose gained special significance as as symbol of love, as until recently yellow roses did not exist.

Eastern Cultures: The color yellow is considered sacred and imperial, which may carry over to the meaning of yellow flowers.

Western Cultures: In the Western culture, yellow symbolizes happiness, joy and hope.

Yellow flowers have played a vital role in history both as symbols of lightness and levity and as solemn flowers for remembrance and sympathy.

Meaning and Symbolism of Yellow Flowers. Although there are some exceptions to the language of flowers when it comes to yellow flowers, they most commonly represent the following: Friendship, Happiness, Joy, Pride, Clarity, Truth & intellect.


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