Easter holiday in York II

A few images from my camera phone from today. I visited National Trust property Goddard’s this afternoon. The garden looked stunning in their April colours and blossoms.

Goddard’s has five acres of garden rooms to walk through that used to be owned by the family on the outskirts of York city center. More pictures from my visit from my ‘big’ camera to follow.

Inside the beautiful greenhouse at Goddard’s with many interesting succulents and plants.
Images by SJ Butler

The gardens are divided into rooms as a nod to the arts and crafts style inspiration. The idea behind the rooms was that of a continuation of the house extending beyond the walls and into the garden. The outdoor rooms, similarly to those in the house, each perform a separate function with hedges and shrubs providing the structure.  

Running across the back of the house is certainly one of the most spectacular rooms of the garden, coming alive with Delphiniums, Sedums and brightly coloured Rudbeckia blooms in late summer.

Daffodils and Snake’s Head Fritillary dance in the warm Spring sunshine.
Images by SJ Butler


A lovely first week of Advent. I visited the National Trust Property of the…



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