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I’m back! Sorry for the silence for the past few weeks which have been so busy and hot, that I’ve neglected a journal post! But, I’m here with some time to write one, I’m also in the process of maybe changing domain name as I’ve gone back to for now.

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As it has been too hot and bright for me to focus on photography I’ve been working on creating some effects using Photoshop. It isn’t just a button that you press to create these, you have to have many layers and change the filters etc. Each one can create up to 30-60 minutes to create.

If any of you are interested in creating your own drop me a message on here and I’ll add a link to the tutorial that I use on YouTube.

On the left is the original raw image & on the right the water colour effect.
SJ Butler Photography

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Throughout the year at the beginning of each month I will…

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14 thoughts on “August

  1. So pretty Sue. Your hot weather must be playing havoc with all the beautiful parks and gardens. We were talking to family in Berkshire last night and he was doing a deep water of his garden before going away for a week. That sounds such an Australian thing to do. At the moment it is the season to be bogged here with so much rain and sodden ground!

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    1. Thank you, yes all our parkland is turning yellow and we have a hose pipe ban starting on Wednesday. It’s nice to have some nice weather but it’s Brits aren’t used to temperatures over 25 yet alone 35+

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