Third week of Advent

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An absolute freezing week! I’ve managed again to get another nasty cold/chest infection, I’ve had it 5 days and been struggling at work so decided to stay in bed for 2 days. Feel so much better now thank goodness.

So, sorry no new icy weather pictures yet, instead another bit of drone flying from a few weeks ago.

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December Flight

A lovely but very cold second week of Advent. I visited Hovingham in the Howardian…

New July Images

New Images Hot off the press (or camera) a few new edits done this weekend.…

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Moments of pleasure instrumental by Kate Bush


4 thoughts on “Third week of Advent

  1. Take care Sue. Sure, has been cold over there. We have family from up north that now live in Berkshire who are really finding it tough too. Keep warm and safe I say. Hope you are feeling much better by Christmas! Lynn

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