June Memories

I can hear the wind blowing outside as I lay in my bed at 05:00. I am now wide awake so I thought I would post this blog from Summer 2021. I hope it reminds you of warmer days.

June was a very busy month visiting many places. I think I got back into the swing of taking photography again, without feeling like I had to go out and take images, for the sake of it.

Beningbrough Hall is always a favourite of mine partly because I have a National Trust yearly pass which allows be to visit many places.

The meadows at ‘golden hour’ was really special too. Golden buttercups and wild Lupins bathed in the rays of the setting sun (plus it was also lovely and hot even at sunset.)

As you probably realise I love photographing bees. Where would we be without bees? As far as important species go, they are top of the list. They are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world!

I also visited York where they had made it into a bee friendly city with tubes of flowers and flower displays all around.

Tuesday Throwback

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You probably know that throughout the year at the beginning of each month I have been creating a short video of photographs, from that month 2016-2021. Here’s the last of this year’s videos, I…

Dull November

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The last few days of the Year

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The last few days of 2021
I wish that the twinkling stars and Christmas tree lights could stay up until the end of March when the clocks jump forward into Spring. Who else agrees?

Over Christmas & Boxing Day I went on a few walks to get some fresh air and also to enjoy the twinkling lights and decorations around the area.

A few of the lovely lights seen on our walk over Christmas.

J cat not too impressed with his ribbon!
Z cat waiting for his Christmas dinner!

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Indian Summer

Brilliant blue sky & hot Autumn sun today (Friday). How lovely to be sat basking…


Throughout the year at the beginning of each month I will created a short video…

The Droste Effect

Droste Cacti


During lockdown last year I started reading and creating new photographic techniques. One of them was the ‘Droste’ effect. I hope you like the few that I have created here.

What is the Droste effect?

The Droste effect describes a specific type of recursive picture in which a smaller version of the larger image is featured within the larger image. Another term for this surreal photography effect is mise en abyme, which refers to the practice of inserting a replica of an image within itself. This creates a repetition that could continue forever, as the smaller version of the picture would contain an even smaller replica and so on.

Hydrangea – SJ Butler Photography

Artist & photographer Josh Sommers is an expert on the Droste effect. “A real-world example would be if you held two mirrors up to each other,” he explains. “You’d look into the mirror and see an infinite tunnel of reflections of the two mirrors going back and forth. That’s somewhat of a Droste effect.”

Crocus – SJ Butler Photography
Daisies – SJ Butler Photography
Forget me knot – Butler Photography

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The last weekend in August

Wow! How did we get get to September (nearly) so quickly? This year has flown by so fast. Maybe because it has been such a lovely Summer with lots of lovely sunshine and (too) hot weather.This year I have not travelled very much with my camera, hopefully will get out and about in the Autumn…


I’m back! Sorry for the silence for the past few weeks which have been so busy and hot, that I’ve neglected a journal post! But, I’m here with some time to write one, I’m also in the process of maybe changing domain name as I’ve gone back to wordpress.com for now. As it has been…

Spring Droste II

During lockdown last year I started reading and creating new photographic techniques. One of them was the ‘Droste’ effect. I hope you like the few that I have created here. What’s Droste I hear you say; well The Droste effect describes a specific type of recursive picture in which a smaller version of the larger…

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Red Leaves, Yellow Leaves

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Day 6 post-surgery and the pain in my shoulder is a dull ache rather than not stop pain. It has been a most lovely Autumnal day so I decided to go for a short walk to collect some leaves to ease the boredom and to stop looking at my messy garden (thanks to the wind and the rain).

I collected some of the most gorgeous red & yellow leaves, which inspired me to take a few quick edits on my camera phone as it’s light & more portable (i.e. I don’t have to carry it on my shoulder).

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Nearly April 🌸

Well the clocks have leapt forward an hour (UK) and it is…

Update on Limpy

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Springtime 🌸

Oh my goodness sorry for not posting for a while! I don’t…

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Breezy Knees

Twenty acres they are one of the largest gardens in the North of England and with over 7,000 different varieties of plants to discover, there’s always lots to see, with the extensive borders that form the heart of the gardens giving a succession of flowers all the way through from May to the end of September.

Breezy Knees is a beautiful place to visit and it must be quite a few years since my last visit. It is really worth a visit it is so beautiful.

Complementing these are a series of seasonal highlights, starting in May and June with the tranquility of the Pond and Shade Garden, special collections of irises and peonies and both the Rock and Shade Gardens, with their mass of early summer blooms.

By mid-summer the annual meadow is at its best, the Cottage Garden brimming with colour and the Rose Garden full of fragrance. Through August the main borders remain a riot of colour and finally, the special September Garden with its late season blooms and the Conifer Garden, with its majestic grasses, will be at their peak as the summer draws to a close.

Cold & Icy

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December Ice

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Feeling Mellow

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Have you ever wondered what connotations of colours can mean?

Well here are a few positive, negative and how the colour makes you feel.

Hope you like the images at the end.

Yellow symbolizes: happiness, optimism, positivity, intellect

Effects of yellow: clarifies, inspires, amuses, energizes

Positive traits: creativity, perception, mentality, warmth

Negative traits: cowardice, deception, egotism, caution

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Please help Limpy

Hi, I don’t normally do this but I wonder if you could spare any spare change to help this poor…

Please help Limpy

Hi, I don’t normally do this but I wonder if you could spare any spare change to help this poor…


Oh my goodness my first Crocus are flowering! I haven’t been in my garden for a while so it was…

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Well what a beautiful month April has been so far. Hardly any rain and lovely warm, sunny days but frosty nights.

I’ve been using my bike a lot more since the weather is better and have enjoyed cycling in the early mornings.

The other day I saw Mr Fox laid out on the cycle track and he was in no hurry to get up as I started to cycle towards him. Instead he made a long stretch of his lovely red body & legs before slowly disappearing into the undergrowth giving me a quick look over his shoulder as he did so! Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to hand so no pictures only memories.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com