Sunday Memories

It is Sunday so it must be Memories time again and hope it reminds you of warmer days.
I can hear the rain battering by window and the wind blowing outside. I have fed the birds and tied down the cover of my patio furniture.

Sunflowers reaching for the sun – can’t wait to start growing these again. I may start some of in the next few days once I’ve cleaning the greenhouse out!

Beningbrough Hall is always a favourite of mine partly because I have a National Trust yearly pass which allows be to visit many places.

The meadows at ‘golden hour’ was really special too. Golden buttercups bathed in the rays of the setting sun (plus it was also lovely and hot even at sunset.)

As you probably realise I love photographing bees. Where would we be without bees? As far as important species go, they are top of the list. They are critical pollinators: they pollinate 70 of the around 100 crop species that feed 90% of the world!

I also visited York where they had made it into a bee friendly city with tubes of flowers and flower displays all around.

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Bee Project

Today I visited York to see the nation’s biggest bee-friendly floral display! The weather was fabulous, a great day to visit and a chance to take some lovely flower pics!

Businesses in York have come together to help the local bee population to thrive. Since Summer 2018, York BID has delivered annual floral displays to add vibrancy to the city Centre and surrounding areas. This year the BID is expanding on this project to deliver the nation’s biggest bee-friendly floral display.

Bees are pollinators and therefore crucial to our ecosystem but are sadly in decline. The BID has filled the city Centre with over 200 planters filled exclusively with bee-friendly plants. This is designed to give pollinators ‘rest stops’ so they can travel safely from green space to green space.

The project runs from 10 June- 30 September and covers the city Centre. In addition to the new planters there is also a focus on existing bee-friendly initiatives in the city as well as new ones that businesses have created to support the project. So get yourself down for a visit!