Boxing Day

S e a s o n s’ g r e e t i n g s

Well I hoped you all survived Christmas?
Let me know how you spent it and what was your best & worst present?

This image popped up on my timeline the other day so I thought I would share it on here. I created this with several of my photographs layered over each other. They can be very time consuming to make so I have not created many in 2021 but hopefully will have more time to create a few more in 2022.

Did you know that Boxing Day got its name when Queen Victoria was on the throne in the 1800s and has nothing to do with the sport of boxing.

The name comes from a time when the rich used to box up gifts to give to the poor.

Boxing Day was traditionally a day off for servants, and the day when they received a special Christmas box from their masters.

The servants would also go home on Boxing Day to give Christmas boxes to their families.

Nowadays shops are all open on Boxing Day and it’s like Christmas has been forgotten already!

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