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Back from a visit to Derbyshire and Leicestershire with lovely weather for the most of it! I’ve just got back so not had time to sort all the images I took out but this one I wanted to show you. A beautiful stag in Bradgate Park on 21/12/22. I didn’t see Father Christmas but I’m guessing he was in the cafe with a hot chocolate before the big day!

“I’ll overcome
Silent songs I’ll be humming on
‘Til you sing along
Come as you are, ignited
Some lights are a different kind
Never burning out Darkness and dust
Quiet shadows are dancing now
Asking for my hand
I’m hanging on fine
I’m trying to make sense of it all
Trying to understand
Do you ever wonder what it’s like
Losing what you cannot be without
I will keep running
I try I’ll overcome
Fading stars echo
Reminding us they know
We’ve come too far to let go
Don’t let go.”

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A big thank you to all who have purchased andy cards or prints from me…

December Ice

A very cold start to the week with freezing fog and temperatures only just rising…

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