It’s been a glorious week. Getting back into the garden is a great feeling especially when the temperature has been in the high teens.

With the lovely weather the birds have been making nests while the sun shines!

This year my garden Robins have decided to build their nest in a big Ivy bush, instead of using the nesting box. Of course J & Z cat think it’s great watching them flit backwards and forwards with more moss & other fibers.

Today, I have put a bamboo high fence around the ivy so that they can let them nest in peace! So far so good!

Big Bird Watch 2022

Monday & Tuesday have been so dull and gray – really depressing. This morning…


For the past few weeks, every time I pop into the garden, there appears…



Bloomin’ Windy!

First Storm Douglas, then Eunice and now Franklin – I’m bloomin’ fed up of been blown about & freezing cold! Today I have cleaning up the greenhouse ready to start planting some seeds.

I found the most cutest little nest in one of my growbags (probably a field mouse). It was made from dried grass and my Honesty Seed cases then I had kept in the greenhouse to dry. I have taken some pictures but you can’t really get to see the beauty of it without destroying it. I will upload them tomorrow.

February Crocus

Temple Newsam

Over the last week of February I visited Temple Newsam. Temple Newsam, a country estate in the heart of Leeds. The best way…

Spring Memories

A few images from past Springtime. I just love the colours and the freshness of Spring. The first Daffodil has been spotted and…

Spring is well underway!

Wow! The first few Crocus have appeared in my garden and they are soo beautiful. Who else has Crocus up in the garden?

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