Autumn in North Yorkshire

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I haven’t been to the White Horse at Kilburn for quite a few years, so I decided to pay it a visit.

As I arrived the sun disappeared and got decidedly windy! But as I climbed the steps and arrived at the top the sun peered through the thick clouds across North Yorkshire.

I will have another visit soon as I have a few days off next week!

Kilburn White Horse is the most northerly turf-cut figure in Britain and one of the most famous landmarks in North Yorkshire. It’s easily visible from the south, below Sutton Bank, and while it’s difficult to get a sense of its scale from the path on the escarpment edge above, there are steps down the side which give a closer view.

The horse dates from 1857, when the outline of the horse was marked out by the Kilburn village schoolmaster and his pupils. The horse was then cut into the limestone underneath – to make it more visible today, chalk chippings are added at intervals.

The White Horse of Kilburn – taken a few years ago – SJ Butler

The White Horse is 314 feet (96 metres) long and 228 feet (70 metres) high. In fact, 24 people could sit on the patch of grass which forms the horse’s eye (though please don’t)

North Yorkshire – SJ Butler Photography

Dawn Chorus

I was having a sort out of my hard drive and I came across this…

Autumn Chill

Today is so cold that I dragged my big coat and boots from the loft…

Autumnal Equinox

While the county may be enjoying a patch of warm weather, today marks the end of summer…

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